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2023-2024 Annual Title I Parent Survey Review of Results

Upon an analysis of the parent survey results, a need within our school community has come to light: the necessity for enhanced communication with parents. The feedback received from the respondents emphasized the desire for more frequent and direct communication channels. While our website and social media platforms serve as the primary sources of information, parents are seeking a more personalized and explicit connection with the school. Specifically, they expressed an interest in receiving detailed updates about school events and opportunities to actively support their children’s educational journey. Moreover, there is a notable demand for specific learning sessions, particularly focused on technology integration, academic support strategies, and insights into extracurricular activities. A significant segment of our parent community also highlighted their aspiration to improve their English proficiency, underlining the importance of inclusivity and accessibility in our communication strategies.

In light of these survey findings, it is evident that our school can significantly enhance parental engagement by creating tailored learning experiences. These initiatives could encompass targeted sessions on academic support methodologies, in-depth explorations of diverse extracurricular activities, and language learning programs to support parents in mastering English. By addressing these specific needs and fostering a more direct and informative dialogue, we can strengthen the bond between the school and parents, thereby creating a more supportive and enriching educational environment for all involved parties.