Principal's Welcome


Matt Mederios

My name is Dr. Matthew Mederios, and it is an honor to serve as the principal for The Dalton Academy. I have successfully served in education for 25 years, 21 ½ of those years in the state of Florida, where I worked as a high school teacher, varsity baseball and basketball coach and certified athletic trainer, high school assistant principal for curriculum, and middle school and high school principal. Throughout my career, I have been dedicated to working collectively with fellow staff members and stakeholders to improve the achievement of all students.

At The Dalton Academy we provide rigorous academic programming and relevant career pathways to prepare students for college, career and civic life. Public education is the single most important entity in the United States, with the responsibility for preparing future leaders and shaping the foundation of our society. The public school system is the great equalizer responsible for providing students from all backgrounds and walks of life with the building blocks and foundation to build a successful future. As educators, we are called to transform public education through innovative programs and new curricula so that we remain competitive in the global marketplace.

At The Dalton Academy, we understand that students come to us with an intense desire for structure and learning, and parents will entrust us with hopes and dreams that their children will learn, excel, and achieve success. We will strive to ensure that parents’ dreams become a reality through a laser-like focus on academic performance, classroom instruction, and student achievement. Teaching our students to become competent and coherent thinkers, readers, writers, and speakers, that are capable of thinking critically and working collaboratively to solve problems, is the way in which we will ensure that our students are prepared to compete in the global workforce.

At the Dalton Academy, we are dedicated to working with the entire community to meet the social-emotional and academic needs of our students. Our goal is to ensure that every student maximizes their individual academic potential, and I will work tirelessly, in the pursuit of excellence, to ensure that academic performance and student achievement are a priority. The Dalton Academy will strive to become a national model by ensuring all stakeholders feel valued and are focused, engaged, and working in unity to improve opportunities and outcomes for our students.

As part of my commitment to working with all stakeholders, I strongly encourage everyone to contact me regarding questions, concerns, ideas, and/or solutions about The Dalton Academy. Your child and their well-being is our foremost concern, and we welcome parent contact to apprise us of all issues and to make improvements in our processes. We take all parental input and feedback very seriously, and we will work tirelessly to ensure that stakeholders are comfortable with the education that students are receiving at The Dalton Academy. More than anything, I want to ensure that we are doing what is in the best interest of our students.

I look forward to our journey together and getting to know each and every student and family that entrusts us with their child’s future. It is an honor and a pleasure to serve as the principal at The Dalton Academy where we are building success one student at a time.


Matthew Mederios, Ed.D.