The Dalton Academy is partnering with Junior Achievement to implement a "high school education that is more relevant, experiential, and authentically-connected to the real world." 

The 3DE model aligns nicely with TDA’s focus on the 3Rs (relationships, relevance, and rigor), helps to increase student engagement in learning, and provides a project-based learning approach. Moreover, the 3DE philosophy aligns with the school’s vision of rigorous, relevant, and engaging learning that prepares students for postsecondary success in college and career pursuits.

Beginning with the 2022-2023 school year, 9th grade students who have chosen to attend The Dalton Academy for high school will begin their 3DE experience by participating in a launch class to introduce them to the concept of case challenges that they will participate in when they attend The Dalton Academy for grades 10-12. These 9th graders will be the first cohort to be involved with 3DE.

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