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Re-imagine your high school experience.

3DE re-engineers high school education to be more relevant, experiential, and authentically-connected to the complexities of the real world in order to more fully prepare today's students for the demands of tomorrow's economy. 

Students in the 3DE program partner with local and national companies to solve complex case challenges. The students gain real-world, hands-on experience through these challenges.

Companies the students could work with include: Home Depot, Shaw Industries, Engineered Floors, Delta Airlines and more. 


Recap of the First Year of 3DE at The Dalton Academy!

The 22/23 school year started off on a high note at The Dalton Academy with the addition of the 3DE model beginning with ninth grade students! Watch this video to see a brief recap of the first year of 3DE at TDA.

We know the students have already learned so much, and they will only continue to grow as the years continue.  


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What is 3DE?

3DE Core Competencies 

Creativity & Innovation

Recognizes opportunities to make progress and challenges or disrupts assumptions via original ideas and approaches. Individuals are constantly looking to improve and to advance the status quo. They are comfortable taking calculated risks.

Effective Collaboration

Promotes and generates cooperation to achieve collective input and output from a diversity of entities. Individuals are accustom to seeking and unifying a range of perspectives and creating open and productive environments to energize positive action. 


Assess situations and environmental norms to identify opportunities and threats, and determine savvy strategies to address conditions. Individuals intentionally read context clues and identify stakeholder perspectives to swiftly develop or adapt techniques that foster positive relationships and drive optimal performance.


Sets priorities and executes with integrity and initiative in order to achieve their maximum productivity. Individuals are inquisitive and resourceful, with a confident understanding of the roles they play and their responsibilities for successfully meeting their goals.


Effectively transfers thoughts and information through appropriate channels to influence progress towards a desired outcome. Individuals are capable of articulating a position through knowledge, diversity of experiences, confidence, and compassion.


Uses logic, research, data and intuition to break down complex problems and determine feasible strategies. Individuals do not approach situations at face value, but instead observe, reflect and evaluate to draw pragmatic conclusions.

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