Three doctors

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is one of the fastest-growing healthcare areas, providing specialized help to many “regular” people and athletes. Sports medicine professionals focus on improving the body’s performance, recovering from injury, and preventing future injuries.

Based on an aging population and a retiring workforce, healthcare workers' demand will remain high through 2020. As the roles in this area change, professionals in this pathway will find more opportunities to work in a traditional hospital setting or independently.

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Soccer ball

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

If you enjoy working with people, are creative and self-starting, and have excellent verbal and written communication skills, sports and entertainment marketing is for you.

Marketing professionals are responsible for developing, implementing and managing a company’s marketing efforts. Their main goal is to maximize profit and market share by satisfying customers’ wants and needs.A positive aspect of the marketing and management field is the variety of jobs this field offers and the room for advancement to higher‐level jobs or other positions.

Video camera

Audio video technology & Film

The broadcasting and digital media industry are comprised of two major employers—radio/television broadcasting companies and movie/television production companies. Approximately 73 percent of employed persons within the industry are on television and radio broadcasting. Jobs within the industry are organized into five major areas: program production, news‐related, technical, sales and management.

While technical jobs in broadcasting often do not require a college education, management and sales occupations require a college degree. Computer networks and software skills are especially important for potential employees due to an increase in digital technology.

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Police Line

Law enforcement ServiceS (Criminal investigations & Forensics)

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security workers plan, manage, and provide legal, public safety, and security and protective services. Occupations are numerous and represent multiple levels of education and skills.

Occupations fall into major categories based on common knowledge and skills: correction services such as correctional officers and jailers; emergency and fire management services such as fire fighters, EMTs, paramedics, and public safety communications; security and protective services such as information security IT specialists; law enforcement such as criminal investigators, police officers, special agents; and legal services such as a court reporters or lawyers.

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Child working in classroom

Early Childhood education

The Education Program Concentration is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in the Education field. There are many diverse opportunities in Education, from a school administrator, school counselor, elementary school teacher, special needs teacher, secondary teacher, post secondary teacher, career and technical teacher, preschool teacher, paraprofessional – and the list continues. This pathway will introduce the foundations of education, combined with knowledge and skills, gained in both the classroom and in the workplace, to prepare students for a career in Education.

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